Methods to Keep Joliet Foxes Away From Property

If you live in Illinois fox affected area, you might be searching for few trustworthy methods to get rid of these creatures. Foxes are hyperactive creatures; they look like dogs, but instead of enjoying friendship with humans, they prefer to destroy their habitat. These wild animals prefer to visit urban areas in search of some food and shelter, and if your garden or yard area stays loaded with fallen fruits and rodents, they will definitely love to spend more time in your premises. The scary thing to know about foxes is that they carry several disease viruses with them that can be transferred to the humans and pets around. That is why it is not good to allow these creatures to share your habitat.

Remove attractions:
If you are looking for some potential methods to get rid of Joliet foxes from your habitat, first it is important to understand what attracts them to your property. In most cases, they come to collect some food. If your garden or yard stays loaded with open food sources, leftovers and fallen fruits, foxes will definitely love to return. Hence, the most important thing you can do to get rid of foxes on your property is removing all attractions. Take away all the food sources such as animal feeds and keep your trash cans tightly closed so that fox cannot gain direct access to any eatable. Also, it is important to make sure that foxes do not find your premises good to create shelter. To avoid them, trim all the bushes, open dens and remove all hidden shelters. Destroying all these attractions can ensure good results and can help you to avoid a big disaster.

Trap the animal:
Another good choice to deal with the Illinois foxes is to use traps. The market is loaded with a wide range of traps; they can be lethal and non-lethal devices. Experts do not recommend using lethal products because they are inhumane and cause the painful death of the animal. Moreover, foxes are protected creatures, so you cannot harm or kill them using traps. The second option is to use non-lethal traps, and the live cage traps are the best choice in this category. These traps can help you to capture the animal alive so that it can be relocated out of the urban area with ease. In case if you are not able to find the best place for the relocation of foxes, it is good to take help from professional fox exterminators as they know right tips and tricks to handle the trouble.

Install fences:
If you live in Joliet fox affected area, professionals recommend using fences to deal with the fox issue. These protective wirings can keep foxes out of your property, and they will not be able to destroy your fruits and vegetation. But make sure the fences cover some area below the ground as well otherwise foxes can also dig the ground to get inside. You can take help from professionals to deal with the problem.

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