What can Joliet mice climb?

Mice are among the Joliet rodents known for their great climbing ability. They are smart enough to jump and climb virtually everything. While thinking of the best control method to mice infestation one of the options if fencing. This method can only be effective if you know what mice can easily climb and what it cannot climb. That is why this post is made to throw light on that so as to enable you know more about how to go about this.

Mice can climb cables and electrical wires
If there are electrical wires passing across your kitchen to the attic or other part of the house, Illinois mice can follow them to move into attic. They are good climbers and will be able to climb through tiny electrical wires and cables. Therefore, in order to avoid mice infestation, the best thing for you to do is to endeavor to organize the wires in your house to avoid becoming the means through which mice can go round the house.

They can climb trees, ropes and vines
If there are trees touching your roofs and other part of your house, you can be sure that Joliet mice can get into your house within a short time. They are good in climbing on vines, trees and even ropes. In as much as they are targeting something in your roof, attic or kitchen they can always find their way there even if it means climbing through a rope or vines.

Mice can also climb vertical surfaces
If there are vertical rough surfaces in your home, you should always expect Illinois mice climbing through them. Some of such vertical rough surfaces include:
1. Bricks
2. Weathered sheet
3. Wood.

Mice climb and crawl horizontally along pipes, augers, conduit and conveyers
The conveyers, conduit, pipes and augers are among the things Joliet mice can easily climb when attracted to any place. They can move freely on any of such objects mostly when there are food sources attracting them to a particular place in your house. With this knowledge, it is important for you to know the capabilities of mice when they find themselves into your property.

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