How to keep Joliet snakes out of your basement

Most people usually think that when Illinois snakes come to their basement, their intentions are to harm or terrorize them. This is not true at all. When snakes come roaming about one’s premises, their main reason for the uninvited visit is the need for food or even shelter. The basement is one of the perfect places where snakes may use as resting sites because they are so safe from any other predator and most of all, they are dark. Such places are usually neglected by people and for this reason snakes finds basements as the best places to hide and rest before they can move in search of food, mates and even shelter.

What do snakes do in basements?
There are various reason why Joliet snakes go into basements. The one and most obvious reason why snakes get into basements is the need for food. Shelter is the second reason why snakes usually get into basements.

Steps to be followed in keeping snakes out of the basement
There are several steps that are recommended by snake experts that help in keeping snakes from basements. These steps include the following;
• Eliminating the places used by the Illinois snakes to hide in is one and the most important step of all. This is achieved by conducting thorough checks to ensure that there are no neglected places such as basements.
• Piles of firewood, bricks and other stuff like boards that are not in use should be taken to areas that are far away from one’s premises. Such materials are used as snakes as hiding sites.
• Getting rid of foods that snakes feed on should be the next step to be takes. Snakes are active feeders of mice and other small pests and hence the act of eliminating the pests would help in getting rid of the snakes.
• Openings that lead to the basement should be sealed of completely in order to discourage snakes from coming to such places.

Places such as basements should be regularly checked for Joliet snakes. Keeping such areas clean always would help in keeping away snakes.

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